small team
big impact

Lotum conceives, develops and publishes awesome apps that are used across the world. Our aim is to keep our team as small as possible while creating products with big impact!

And it’s worked so far … we’ve already created apps with 400,000,000 downloads with a team of just 30.

turning ideas
into reality

At Lotum we place value on establishing products not hierarchies, so that nothing stands in the way of turning a great idea into reality.

To make sure those ideas have the best possible chance, we not only hire top talent but also look for friendly team members that complement our unbeatable team spirit. That way everybody gets along really well, which means we not only have a lot of fun in the office but outside of it too.

since 2006

You don’t need huge teams to compete with the big guys anymore!

Having already gathered a wealth of experience in the development and operation of online platforms, Lotum turned its focus to the mobile app market in 2012.

By 2013 we had become one of the top app developers in the world. Today we continue to storm the charts while breaking new ground in the dynamic field of mobile apps.

Germany iOS & Google Play
Game Downloads (Source: AppAnnie)

#1 Electronic Arts (US)
#2 Gameloft (FR)
#3 (DE)
#4 Rovio (FI)
#5 XPEC Entertainment (CN)
#6 King (UK)

While the others range from 700 to 9500 in size, Lotum hit 3rd place with just 30 team members.

perfect workplace

Lotum has the best of both worlds …

The Lotum office is in Bad Nauheim, a beautiful town known for its green parks and high quality of living. But in less than 30 minutes you’re in the heart of the big city Frankfurt known for its international flare and impressive skyline.

We aim to create the best workplace imaginable, where work and play go hand in hand. So much so that we’re currently investing in the construction of a new office – a modern transformation of a unique historical building.

we are

Lotum brings together people with a wealth of talents united by a common passion for innovative products that shape the mobile world. The four Lotum founders have now been working together for over ten years. Even early on, they realized that success does not need to come at the cost of a unique yet open company culture, which led to our motto …

small team, big impact.

From left to right:

Sebastian Schmitt

Business Development and Monetization

Jens Abke

Marketing and Strategy

Dominik Anders

Product Development and Design