Your new dream

Discover our office in Bad Nauheim amongst sumptuous Art Nouveau buildings, green parks and the famous Frankfurt am Main skyline. Here, we have the perfect conditions to give our creativity free rein.


Welcome to Lotum in Bad Nauheim! We develop our games here in the Alte Saline, a historic salt storage depot measuring nearly 20,000 square feet that we have updated with state-of-the-art technology.

Bad Nauheim

Located north of Frankfurt, the spa town of Bad Nauheim is known for its magnificent art nouveau architecture and many extensive parks, which make it a wonderful place to live.


The city of Frankfurt is less than 30 minutes from Bad Nauheim by car or train. When the weather’s nice, you can even see the famous skyline on the horizon.

Work from home

Hybrid work is second nature to us, and we have optimized our meetings and processes accordingly. We're all used to a mixture of working from home and at the office.