Small team,
big impact.

Creating something great with just a few

The most important part of the Lotum DNA is our star team; their many qualifications shine as brightly as their personalities. Every day, we feel that there is greater success and pleasure in boosting this excellence than there is in merely increasing the size of the team. In our small, agile teams, we create products that fascinate millions of people every day – this is our motivation.

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Freedom and responsibility

We enjoy tremendous freedom and work exclusively on our own games. Each team uses the technologies and work methods it considers most useful. As a self-financed and profitable company, we do not have to consider the interests of investors or banks – just those of our users. This means that each and every one of us takes responsibility for our own development, for our products and for the company itself.

Agility in action

We are learning – every day and at all levels. A lean and test-driven approach is deeply rooted in our DNA. We evaluate new features based on prototypes and A/B testing. We are not afraid to make mistakes or try out new technologies and markets.

Open feedback culture

We have a clear feedback culture that has grown over the years. In addition to holding dedicated sessions like retrospectives, one-on-one meetings and Feedback Fridays, we have succeeded in making feedback a direct, immediate part of our everyday work. We drew quite a lot of inspiration from Radical Candor, a concept created by Kim Scott. During a live lecture, the top manager worked with us to examine why honest criticism and genuine interest in the person you are talking to need not be mutually exclusive.

Education at all levels

Education happens through play within all our products – they build vocabulary, knowledge and the art of abstraction. Not only that: education is an essential part of our DNA and the foundation for the excellence of our team.

So it’s only logical that there are no limits to further training with us. From international conferences and hands-on workshops to communities of practice and guest lectures by renowned experts – no wish goes unfulfilled.

At Lotum, we have all enjoyed the privilege of an extensive education, so we are keen to give something back.

This is why we have created programmier.bar, a platform for the enhancement of specialist skills. We also support Let Us Learn, the UNICEF education initiative for disadvantaged children, and we are one of the largest German supporters of Wikipedia.